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  • Nick Fielding
    Maintaining an active and engaging fanpage for each of your niches is an essential part of FB marketing.

    Why? It's the easiest way to build a community - and you can then:

    • Ask them questions (think market research)
    • Test product ideas
    • Have them provide content

    Your page gives your brand credibility, as well as another avenue on which your customers can contact you.

    And - and this is a BIG one - running ads from an active and engaged page has always given me far better results in terms of CPM, and overall CPA - than from new pages.

    Here's how to maintain a page with as little effort as possible (you can put in as much effort as you consider worth it, for the niche you're working on).

    Posts per day:

    <5000 fans: 1 post per day (4pm EST)
    5000 - 15000 fans: 2 posts per day (3pm and 8pm EST)
    >15000 fans: 3 posts per day (10am, 4pm and 10pm EST)

    You can vary the time according to when most users are active, using your page insights.

    You will need around 200 pieces of "viral" content for this strategy. Set yourself (or ideally an outsourcer) the task of sourcing 200 pieces of shareable content (funny memes, inspirational memes etc.) in your niche, from:

    Google images

    and save them to a folder (on Dropbox or similar). Have them numbered from 1-200.

    When you are only posting 1 or 2 posts a day - you will just choose content from the folder, working through each piece of content 1-200 in order. You can schedule these a month or more in advance, in one go.

    When you get to 15000 fans - you will start to see folks posting on the page. At this point - make the 3rd post of the day a "Fan pic of the day". This encourages more interraction and posting by fans on the page. When they see these posts, more people will start posting.

    What happens when you've posted all 200 of your viral posts? Easy - just go back to the beginning and repost them again, from number 1!!

    This strategy gives you 3 months of cycled content (dropping in unique content from the fan pics of the day). It's an easy way to maintain a highly active and engaged page. Due to the way FB shows content - even though you're sharing the same content over and over - it will always be shown to new folks each time.

    Then of course, you drop in your product posts every now and again - and run ads when you see organic sales from those posts.

    Let me know what you think of this strategy below!
  • Jay Hiller
    This is a REALLY great strategy Nick. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm giving it a go.
  • Laurin
    I agree this sounds like a great way to simplify a FB page posting strategy.
    Thank you.
  • DropshipDan
    This sounds interesting.

    I've just started with a fanpage and it is a slow slog. I didn't quite understand what you meant by
    "Fan pic of the day"Nick Fielding

    Excuse my lack of understanding, does this mean allowing your fans to post a pic? Can you elaborate for the slow kid in the corner :)
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